The Togouchi Collection

The Togouchi collection comprises several complementary series. Clearly, the experience acquired over the decades by the Sakurao brewery and distillery lends itself to creating traditional and innovative products. You will find all the distillery's classics in the Signature line. You should also try some of the brand's limited editions before they become victims of their own success. Togouchi Japanese whiskies are also distinctive for the elegant finishes you will find in the Cask Finish Editions selection.

TogouchiSingle Malt

Illustration Single Malt Lire


Illustration Premium Lire

TogouchiPeated Cask Finish

Illustration Peated Cask Finish Lire

TogouchiBeer Cask Finish

Illustration Beer Cask Finish Lire


Illustration Kiwami Lire

TogouchiSaké Cask Finish

Illustration Saké Cask Finish Lire


Illustration Peated Lire

TogouchiPure Malt

Illustration Pure Malt Lire

Togouchi9 Years

Illustration 9 Years Lire

Togouchi15 Years

Illustration 15 Years Lire

TogouchiPremium Giftbox

Illustration Premium Giftbox Lire

TogouchiGiftbox Kiwami

Illustration Giftbox Kiwami Lire

TogouchiPremium & Beer Cask Finish giftpack

Illustration Premium & Beer Cask Finish giftpack Lire

TogouchiPremium & Peated Cask Finish giftpack

Illustration Premium & Peated Cask Finish giftpack Lire

TogouchiKiwami & Saké Cask Finish giftpack

Illustration Kiwami & Saké Cask Finish giftpack Lire