Sakurao Distillery

The Sakurao Distillery was founded in 2017, near the Seto inland sea. It relies on more than a century of expertise gained by producing traditional Japanese spirits. Sakurao is now part of a very limited group of japanese distilleries able to produce 100% japanese whiskies as all the malt and grain whiskies used in their blends, is distilled through its stills.

Sakurao Distillery

Sakurao Distillery: where tradition meets modernity

The art of distilling is thoughtfully cultivated at Sakurao Distillery.

For malt distillation, the swann neck of the pot still is purposedly modified to retain more esthers and design more complex whiskies. A hybrid still is then used for the second distillation, which results in a higher alcohol volume than usual and fruitier whiskies.

For grain distillation, made out or barley, the traditionnal still that used to be operated for shochu production is used. A second distillation is then operated in a still designed by Sakurao, using the traditional iron still topped with a distillation column. This process leads to a light and floral whisky profile.

Illustration Sakurao Distillery: where tradition meets modernity

A unique aging process in an underground cellar

The casks are brought to their underground cellar in the small town of Akiota-Togouchi. It is like a sanctuary, where the whiskies enjoy unmatched aging conditions. This unusual setting makes it possible to control the environmental factors that are decisive in obtaining the desired aromatic profile. This slows down the extraction of aromas from the barrel, and explains the elegant profile of the Togouchi range as well as its light color.

Illustration A unique aging process in an underground cellar