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Togouchi's whiskies are uniquely rooted between the land and the sea. The liquids are distilled near the Seto Inland Sea, while the casks are stored in cellars at the foot of the Osorakan mountain, in the small town of Akiota-Togouchi. Crafted and closely monitored by a team of local artisans at Sakurao Distillery, these Japanese whiskies capture several decades of expertise and reflect the passion at the heart of these iconic bottles.


Togouchi Single Malt

Sakurao Distillery's flagship

Sakurao Distillery

Nestled in the heart of the Hiroshima region, Sakurao Distillery relies on the unfailing expertise of its craftsmen and its cutting-edge technology to bring the world the authentic Japanese whiskies in the Togouchi collection.
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Togouchi Japanese whiskies

The Japanese whiskies in the Togouchi collection authentically embody the heritage of the Hiroshima region. The diverse, complementary expressions of Togouchi capture the craftsmanship of the multiple generations of artisans who have worked in the Sakurao brewery and distillery.

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