Togouchi Saké Cask Finish

  • 700ML
  • 40%ABV
  • Sakurao Distillery

Togouchi Sake Cask Finish is the only Japanese whisky finished in sake casks. The result is nothing short of brilliant! Aged in bourbon casks, then finished for three months in sake casks delivered straight from the Sakurao brewery. It shines a delicate spotlight on this traditional Japanese spirit and brings out another layer of local expression.

Delicate — Vanilla, green apple, malt
Complex — Lactic, woody, white fruits
Long — White fruits, spices, malt

Sakurao Distillery

Nestled in the heart of the Hiroshima region, Sakurao Distillery relies on the unfailing expertise of its craftsmen and its cutting-edge technology to bring the world the authentic Japanese whiskies in the Togouchi collection.

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