Togouchi’s Japanese whiskies are uniquely anchored between the land and the sea, a position that lends them their singularity. The distillery sits near the Seto Inland Sea, but iconic Master Distiller Yamamoto-San sends his precious liquids to the foot of the Osorakan mountain — dozens of miles away — to be stored and aged.


The other treasure of Hatsukaichi

Sakurao Distillery opened its doors in 2017 on the shores of the Seto Inland Sea in the city of Hatsukaichi. If the name seems familiar, it is probably because the city is also home to one of Japan’s most beautiful treasures, the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an inspirational setting for the craftsmen who work at the distillery, all of whom hail from the Hiroshima region.

Illustration The other treasure of Hatsukaichi

Aged in the heart of Japan

Sakurao Distillery, a recognized expert in underground aging, sends its precious liquids to a cellar in the heart of Hiroshima. In fact, the cellars are buried under Osorakan mountain, several hundreds of yards under the ground, to take advantage of the climate and humidity conditions which are perfect for aging Togouchi whiskies.
The surrounding mountains are particularly generous, as the water used to make these Japanese whiskies is drawn from the Oze river.

Illustration Aged in the heart of Japan